WWTW Inlet Chamber, Pipework and Headwall Construction


The project involved was for Yorkshire Water who carried out a series of upgrades to sewage treatment works in West Yorkshire.

The project consisted of the following three elements of work:

Indepth carried out the installation of a 40 x 8 x 4.5m deep cofferdam. The area was excavated, blinded and the 40m long reinforced concrete structure was built. Indepth then carried out the mass benching and granolithic topping to the main flow and overflow channels. The laying of 350m of 1350mm diameter concrete pipe (3-4m deep) was then carried out from the inlet structure overflow channel to the new headwall including construction of the large diameter manholes.

The reinforced concrete headwall was constructed in a controlled environment, beside the River Calder. Indepth ensured that there was flood protection in place at all times. The headwall was finished off using gabion baskets, so as to act as scour protection to the main structure.

The contract was carried out on time, to budget and was delivered in a safe environment.

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