Rising Main Replacement – Wigton Lane, Leeds


As part of the Yorkshire Water AMP 6 programme, Indepth undertook the replacement of 950 metres of an existing 355 and 450mm diameter rising main along Wigton Lane Leeds.

The works were phased in approximately 150m sections of trench. The trench was excavated by our experienced team safely and efficiently on the opposite side of the carriageway so that the existing sewer could be fully operational during the duration of the project.

One of the most successful practices on the project was the use of Vertishores, supplied by MGF Excavation Safety Solutions. Due to the nature of the ground in Wigton Lane, our team were able to utilise this new lightweight shoring range which combines glass reinforced plastic (GRP) materials with Trench Jacking Theory.

This innovative system provided a fast, flexible and very safe method of supporting the trench. The final part of the scheme involved carrying out an in line live connection into the old water main that was to remain thus diverting the flows into the newly formed rising main.

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