Waste Water Sewage Works Inlet Pipe Upgrade – Pontefract, West Yorkshire


Indepth were asked to relay a 400mm diameter ductile iron inlet sewer into Hardwick Sewage works as the existing concrete pipe had reached the end of its design life.

There was a chance of slippage into a parallel watercourse due to the old foundations on the existing manholes not being adequate. Indepth were to excavate adjacent to the existing manholes to a depth of 2m and mass fill with concrete to create a solid foundation for the new brick manholes.

Once these were constructed on line the old manholes were removed and a connection pipe was inserted whilst the flows were being over-pumped.

Due to the environmental sensitivity of the watercourse parallel to the works, Indepth had a standby back up 8” pump and a specific team of operatives monitoring the over-pumping at all times.

The project consisted of the following elements:

  • 90m of 400mm ductile iron foul pipework
  • Installation of mass foundations adjacent to a live watercourse whilst monitoring the bank at all times
  • Removal of existing brick manholes and re-building of the new manholes approximately 2m upstream in each location
  • Approximately 450m of over-pumping into Hardwick Waste Water Sewage Treatment works
  • Closure of public footpaths.
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