Shaft Rising Main and Pump Station Installation


Indepth were awarded the contract to carry out the following works at Gatherley SPS pumping station as part of the new A1/M1 motorway works near Scotch Corner.

The works included the following elements:

  • Installation of 2no: 3.660m diameter shafts which were 9m and 6m deep respectively. These were both under-pinned and formed using bottom up construction.
  • Installation of approximately 400m of 90mm diameter rising main including a live foul in line connection and pressure test.
  • 200m of 100mm diameter gravity pipework and associated pipework.
  • Concrete works and hard landscaping to the pumping station including ductile iron pipework and duct work.
  • Provision of 2no: pumps, kiosks, MCC panels and associated mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning.
  • Grouting of all redundant pipework and removal as required.
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