Housing Development Works – West Yorkshire


Indepth were awarded a contract to provide a foul water pipe to act as the main carrier drain for a new 5300 house development in Pontefract.

The works were hampered by the rock which had to be excavated and a high ground water level, which throughout the contract had to be controlled by pumps and settlement tanks. The works were carried out to programme and there were no health, safety or environmental issues during the scheme.

The project consisted of the following elements:

  • 17no: 1800mm diameter manholes with an average depth of 3.5m
  • 600 metres of 600mm diameter ductile iron foul pipe with an average depth of 3.5m
  • 15no: sealed ductile matchboxes
  • 100 metres of 600mm diameter concrete foul pipe with an average depth of 3m
  • 2no: connections onto a live sewer requiring over-pumping works.
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