Contaminated Ground Site – South Yorkshire

Remediation & Environmental

Indepth Civil Engineering was employed to install a 19 x 13 x 4.5m deep sheet piled cofferdam to allow the excavation of contaminated soils adjacent to existing structures.

The excavation revealed that the elements within the ground were made up of sand and sandstone. Thus, the accuracy of the installation of the sheet piles became of paramount importance, so as to eliminate the potential for any movement.

After sheet pile installation the cofferdam was installed including the bespoke propping frames. Indepth excavated and transported the contaminated materials to the main contractor’s treatment plant on-site.

Subsequently, the treated materials were placed in 150mm layers into the cofferdam and the sheet piles and frames removed in a pre-determined and controlled manner. The scheme was carried out within programme, to budget and importantly in line with strict health, safety and environmental requirements.

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