Providing a Helping Hand to the Local Community


Whilst carrying out essential works in Sprotbrough, Doncaster our operatives kindly transported a large amount of stone and aggregate to a local project site on behalf of Don Gorge Community Group. The Don Gorge Community Group are volunteers who work around the Don Gorge area, which incorporates Sprotbrough and Warmsworth sides of the River Don. The location is particularly scenic and attracts a lot of visitors to the area. During the past year, the volunteers have been working on restoring an old stone wall, thought to be part of an old mill that once stood nearby. Due to the pandemic, sourcing stone for the wall proved difficult and delayed the completion. A local resident had some old stone in their garden that they no longer had a need for and a local volunteer realised it was ideal for their project. Moving the stones was problematic and tiring work for the volunteers, so our operatives stepped in to give a helping hand. As a result of our help, the project was completed.

The Don Gorge Community Group were hugely grateful to our operatives for the invaluable assistance they provided and said they were an asset to the company.

Well done to all involved!




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